Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I'm having a fall-in-love-with-home day. I read this adorable article and, aside from admiring the whimsical nature of many Times writers, actually teared up a little at the end. I am a long-term commitment kind of gal (this notwithstanding that I've never had a relationship longer than a year). I err on the side of over-commitment to the places I live in, the friends in my life, and all things important and sentimental. I have wanted to go to the same place on vacation since I first saw it on a map when I was 8 (Greenland).

As a result, I'm thinking plans. Plans for my little perfect cottage which I will not leave, thankyouverymuch. I need to find a roommate, that's for sure, but for that I'll need to build, and if I'm building anyway, why not dream? I know, I know it's a rental, but I can still dream, can't I?

(yes, daydreaming is one of my all-time favorite things to do)

An extra room for privacy for a roommate
storage space (aka - a shed)
Place to keep wood


Plan omg I'd die it'd be so perfect:
- Add a second room to the loft. Windows out over the living room in the front room for light, the view of the Catskills, and to let heat in (it would be really cute), floor vents in the back room which would serve as a guest room (except I'm really torn about which I prefer - the view of the pond across the street with the sun rising over it or the view of the Catskills....that I can see from other parts of the house, which isn't true of the pond view). That, or keep the loft intact for now - though that wouldn't allow for much privacy in a roommate situation.
- Shed: Insulate, frame out a door into the living room, add proper flooring, take out old and useless boilers, seriously insulate or board up the exterior door, add 2 windows (one facing north on the stream, one long one facing west towards the mountains), call it a bedroom for my housemate (in the long term - a craft room/office/den/guestroom)
- Add a small lean-to directly north of the shed that will serve as tool storage. Elevated over the flood-line of the stream. Annex a corner of the ice house as a small workshop.
- extend the roof of the ice house to make wood storage possible between the ice house and the driveway (? or actually figure out a good wood shed situation)
- Add a little roof over the main door.
- Level the area between the road and the kitchen (outside) and seed with grass for a little patio. Build a screen with wysteria (grape? kiwi?) vines to block out the road a bit
- (This is the serious kicker) Add a small attached greenhouse to the south side of the living room. this, my friends, would be too perfect to describe.

Plan okay...I'll be realistic...for now:
- Add a second room to the loft for a roommate.
- Clean out the shed, remove the boilers, and make it a more useful workshop space.

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