Thursday, February 18, 2010

Good Ol' Standby

My dear readers, you're not the only thing I've been neglecting. My cat keeps meowing at me too. She's used to getting a lot of attention and I've been skimping on it lately. Accept, as my apology, this very simple recipe, which is my favorite thing to make when I just want to make something fast because I don't want to or can't focus on cooking. It's my good ol' standby food - always easy, and always reliable. I improvise depending on what I have on hand, or if I want to make a fancier dish. it works with lettuce instead of cabbage too - but I like the crunch of cabbage. We all have those quick and easy recipes that are delicious and come through when you need it, and this is that recipe of mine - also, it's healthy.

Cabbage and bean salad

Ingredients (for one):
Cabbage (for one person less than a quarter of a head is good)
A carrot (if you don't have carrots substitute a beat or parsnip)
1/2 can of beans (my favorite are black soy beans, but chick peas are good too)
scallions and/or cilantro (optional, but delicious)

soy sauce
rice vinegar (if you don't have it lime or apple cider vinegar work too)
toasted sesame oil
a carrier oil like canola or peanut (olive will work in a pinch too)
ginger (optional, but delicious)

Shred the cabbage. To shred cabbage, cut off a slice of cabbage (by cutting off a side), cut the slice in half, and then cut as thin as possible across the slice. Grate the carrot and add beans and whatever else you're using.

To make the dressing, mix equal parts soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, and carrier oil. If you're using lime or apple cider vinegar, add about a 1/2 part or less (it;s stronger). grate in 1/4 inch of garlic, cover, and shake it until it's a light brown color).

Dress, toss, and enjoy. this is my favorite quick and easy meal. with rice, it's the best.

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