Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sick Days

My dear readers, sorry for the lag time between posts. Between working weekends and getting sick, I haven't gotten a chance to do much. While tossing and turning in bed all day yesterday (not feeling 100% up to snuff today, but a woman's gotta work!) I re-learned one of my least favorite lessons of adult life. All of the knowledge in the world is useless in the face of sickness and exhaustion. Yes, even though I knew, in theory, what I needed to do to get my sorry ass off of the couch and feeling better, I did none of it, since it took more energy than I had to clear my mind enough to go and pull the fennel off the spice rack and start chewing it.

Between lying on the couch all day watching Planet Earth, and lying on the couch some more and reading The Neverending Story (meh), and When You Reach Me (you should read it) When You Reach Me (I'm on a children's book kick), I basically only had the energy to make myself some chicken and rice soup out of desperation (I was hungry). Luckily, I had frozen stock in convenient ziplock bags and I grated up some ginger (if you freeze ginger it's really easy to grate it up and it doesn't come out stringy), chopped some garlic, onions, and carrots into the stock and called it soup. For lunch I mixed in some miso (mix miso into a small amount of the broth in a bowl, then add in the rest of your soup - boiling miso kills the nutrients in it).

If I were fully cognizant, or if I had a mommy available to me on site (Mommy called later and reminded me to chew my fennel) I would have been drinking fennel and ginger tea all day with honey and keeping my stomach occupied with crackers (saltines) and rice.

Instead I lay on the couch all day cursing the medicine that wasn't working, drinking water, and doing little else. Spare energy went to keeping the stove well stocked. I think that's what I'll have the energy for tonight too.

More when I feel 100%.

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