Friday, March 26, 2010

Calendula Germinated

Calendula has germinated. Still no sign of life from the peppers and tomatoes. Still no need to be nervous, I know, but I'm nervous! I just can't help it! I've been keeping the house very warm though, so I should really stop worrying.

I'm very glad I've arranged to bring my seedlings to my sweetie's for tending this weekend (along with the cat - in exchange for leftover seeds for his garden and him probably fattening my cat up trying to get her to love him best - which will never happen). It's going to be a wicked weekend full of frosts and cold days. I'm not sure if I should bring the florescent light over, because I doubt he'll have a place to set it up. In a south-facing window the seedlings should be fine for a few days, so I'll probably leave it at home.

I'll have to plant my ground cherries when I get back from the weekend away. As well as fertilize my lemon tree and think long and hard about repotting it (oy!)

In other news, I have been drinking home-made kombucha for over a week now! When I get home from the weekend away, round 2 should be nearing completion. I made this batch with jasmine tea and sugar and it is divine. Next batch is early grey and honey - we'll see how it goes. I've been diluting it with water, which is less than ideal, but I'm a bit lazy on the iced tea-making front, or juice-buying front, and it's still delicious. Also, I added it to my asian-style dressing and it was divine.

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