Thursday, March 4, 2010


Clearly, this is a day for getting my sillies out. Some of you may remember that I have a minor obsession with Sweetened Condensed Milk - the most delicious thing in the world. And look! The New York Times Style section does love me! Milk in a Can Goes Glam

Now that's what I call delicious.

In other news, I set up my seed-starting station. I spent $30 for the whole get-up and 10 minutes measuring, setting up, and hanging the thing.

I still want sheep. or chickens. but really, sheep.


  1. yes - glam is right for the condensed milk... But where is the mention on the dolce the leche - the cooked version?

  2. it's there. maybe on page two. there's even a quick recipe for it in the text. I think it's in the part about how much South Americans love SCM.